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Raya 2024



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Celebrate Raya with A.Cross Creations’ Senja gift set, designed and carefully crafted around traditional Malaysian weaving and artistry. A mixture of sweet delights and wholesome wellness treats, heart and health come together to make a lasting impression.

Inspired by dusk and the gathering of loved ones in this season of reflection and togetherness, Senja lies at the center of celebratory meals and get-togethers as the perfect center piece. Create new memories and share bonding experiences around this gift set as you take in the fullness of the new moon.

In This Gift Set

In each set you will find a mixture of your favorite local and traditional treats, curated to bring you both wonder and wellness.

3 x Pure Artisanal Honey (Acacia, High Mountain and Sainfoin Honey)
1 x Mini Honey Dipper
8 x Large Medjool Dates
4 x Pistachio Honey Nougat
6 x Pistachio Nougat
1 x 60g Pandan Gula Melaka Granola
1 x Bundle of 5 Limited Edition Duit Raya Packets
1 x Festive Paper Bag

This set recalls the many textures of Malaysian crafts and culture. From embossed weaving to a highly textured paper with fibrous strands, this gift set offers a hyper-sensory unboxing experience. Finished with delicate matte gold and light green foil details, it references the many uses of banana leaves, weaving and folding, to create structures that hold food and keepsakes.

Weaving, a prominent social and community activity, ties the many design elements of Senja together, ensuring that the gift set itself is a work of highest craftsmanship, art, design and meaning.

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270mm x 140mm x 155mm

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  • Experiences beyond aesthetics

    Our gift sets have been carefully curated to offer memorable experiences that givers and recipients will enjoy.

  • Commitment to craftsmanship and artisanship

    We work with craftsmen across all levels of industry and fields of making as we believe that artisanship is key to the quality of our products.

  • Personalisation and customisation

    Our gift sets can be personalised and customized. At A.Cross Creations, we believe that details matter and welcome the opportunity to design your gifts with you.