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A.Cross Creations is rooted in the celebration of human relationships. Our Collections are designed around carefully curated experiences that givers and recipients will appreciate. We want to change what gifts can look like, and what the gifting process can feel like.

The Peranakan Pair

Keep one half of the Peranakan Pair and send the other one to a loved one to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

Like a pair of friendship bracelets, these mooncake gift sets can be shared as a reminder of friendship and an expression of love and gratitude. Two-halves make a whole!

The Fable Set

Inspired by the many origin stories told of the festivity, the motifs on this set reflect the legends of Chang’e, the immortal goddess, and the Jade Rabbit.

This gift set includes a DIY Bunny Lantern Kit that can be made at home. True to tradition, lanterns are lit and hung as a symbol of joy and to welcome another season of blessings.

A Collaboration

A.Cross Creations is collaborating with Flaaah to bring you Croons!

With elevated flavours and new textures introduced to mooncakes, Croons are a contemporary take on this traditional delicacy.


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