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The Ultimate Cozy Cocoa Kit

The Ultimate Cozy Cocoa Kit

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This Christmas, we have put together the ultimate gift set for all your holiday needs. From cookies galore to three decadent and rich cocoa mixes, chocolate stirrers and a pair of mugs to match, this is your one-stop shop for a cozy Christmas day in. 

For all thing warm and cozy, merry and bright, one and all, look no further for an experience to treasure. Our Ultimate Cozy Cocoa Kit will sit perfectly at the center of your celebrations offering a cooking and bonding experience like no other.


In This Gift Set

In the Ultimate Cozy Cocoa Kit you will find:

1 x 120g Chilli Cocoa Mix
1 x 120g Cinnamon Cocoa Mix
1 x 120g Clementine Cocoa Mix
1 x Cookie Collection featuring 16 assorted cookies
3 x Snowflake Chocolate stirrers
2 x Festive ceramic mugs
1 x Special holiday gift card
1 x Special holiday paper bag

The three hot cocoa blends have been specially created by local artisan chocolatiers. They have been made using sustainably and ethically sourced cocoa beans and come in festive flavours of clementine, cinnamon and chilli. These are as exciting and dynamic as they sound, a sensational twist on a Christmas classic.

Our cookie collection also features mocha cookies, fruit cake shortbread and ginger cookies that will pair delightfully with our cocoa blends.

Mocha cookie - rich with the deep flavour of coffee, this adorable cookie is sure to melt in your mouth

Fruit cake cookie - a Christmas staple reimagined, this cookie recalls festive traditions with candied dried fruit and a buttery base

Ginger cookie - with gentle spiciness and warmth, this cookie brings heartiness to the holiday season

Shipping and Return

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Large box: 270mm x 210mm x 150mm
Small box: 210mm x 130mm x 90mm

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