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Chinese New Year 2023



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Next day delivery available upon request for orders placed before 2pm (GMT +8). Same day delivery is unavailable for Fruitful set.

This Chinese New Year, we have designed our collection of gift sets to encapsulate the wish of good health and good luck. The Fruitful set consists of 3 delicate petit gâteaux desserts made to look like fruits held in high regard and widely appreciated in Chinese culture: peach, mandarin and yuzu fruits.

Presented in a velvety smooth and luxurious red box, these desserts are sure to make an impactful first impression. Both stunning and delicious, their complex layers strike an artful balance between light airy textures and refreshing fruity notes.

True to Chinese culture, the peach is symbolic of longevity, mandarin oranges are likened to golden treasures and yuzu a symbol of prosperity.

In This Gift Set

-Vanilla Whipped Ganache
-Peach Gelée
-Berry Peach Basil Compote
-Vanilla Sponge
-White Chocolate Crispy

-Citrus Whipped Ganache
-Tropical Fruit Compote
-Yuzu Jelly
-Citrus Sponge
-Lime Crispy

-Mandarin Whipped Ganache
-Mandarin Jelly
-Earl Grey Ganache
-Citrus Sponge
-Milk Chocolate Crispy

Ice packs are contained seamlessly in the packaging.

This set comes with a paper bag and a festive gift card.


Box size: 300mm x 110mm x 100mm

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